Mr J Selfe purchased the land on the corner of Rose and George Streets, the original old police paddock, to build the Imperial Hotel.  The hotel built in March 1890 was originally two storreys.  It burnt down in the huge fire of 1912.  

The new three story Imperial Hotel was designed by J F O'Conner of Inverell and built in 1912.

Wee Waa was established in 1846 and is the oldest town on the Namoi.  Aboriginal Tribal Group: Kamilaroi (pronounced Gumm-il-uh-rah-ee) and the Aboriginal Meaning for Wee Waa is "Fire for Roasting" "Fire Stick" "Place for Fire" referring to the area used as a camp site by the local tribe.

It was known as the town of Windmills due to everyone having a bore for water and it is now known as the Cotton Capital of Australia.